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At Premier Windows, we strive to be the best that we can be. Being the number one window replacement company in Arkansas comes with it a lot of responsibility. We feel that we have a duty of honesty and commitment to our past and present customers. Our price is the best that you can get for the superior quality of window that we offer, and our service is to be experienced. Price and value go hand-in-hand at Premier Windows.

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Price And Value

Is there really a significant difference between price and value? Do many people know the difference? Is it fair to say you can get a good price without value, or do you compensate one for the other? Why do some people believe that price and value are the same thing?

Price is what you pay. Price is a number agreed upon only when and if two parties have agreed to a deal. Some customers can feel they are getting a good price with a low bid. However, if a low bid is what you are after, then value doesn’t even come into the equation. It is not possible for a company to deliver value when all they do is cut corners to deliver a low bid. This is a simple fact. Price is an understanding that money will be exchanged when work is completed to the customers satisfaction. Often money is exchanged even when the customer is unsatisfied. In poor workmanship, the price will either increase or decrease depending on the issues that arise during the project. Price is the amount a customer agrees to pay for a service or a product, regardless of the quality of the product or workmanship.

Value is what you get. Value must have a worth to the customer. It is not always the same for everyone. We must deliver value first, not add it later on! In most cases, value to the customer is about what benefits that product can deliver to them. “Will I be more comfortable? Will I see a big improvement in my home?”

At Premier Windows, we deliver Affordable Vinyl, energy efficient windows and doors. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. We never ask for money before a job. We will only get paid when the homeowner is completely satisfied that all the work has been completed to their expectations. We don’t want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. Affordable, American-Made products delivered and installed with pride is what sets us apart. That is value!


Premier Windows–A Company With Values

A company without values cannot deliver value. If a company does not have a set of core values enshrined in their makeup, it is impossible to deliver value. They just deliver a cheaper price hidden among the false claims of value. However, a cheaper price can be valuable to some. We see it all the time. Remember, value means different things to different people.

There is a huge difference between price and value. Be sure you understand the values of the company before you agree the price. Peddlers usually want to argue about price to see who is right, while companies with values want a discussion to see what is right.

Premier Windows is the preferred vinyl window replacement company in Arkansas!


Call John Today at 501-327-8800 to make your home or property the best that it can be.


John Lambert is the owner of Premier Windows and has over 40 years of experience in the Home Improvement industry.

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