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Vinyl Windows: Questions & Answers

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The first question that we always get asked is, “What are my new vinyl windows going to cost me?” This seems to be the most logical question, but it is a question that is born out of fear and stress. Most homeowners have heard of or dealt with high pressure sales people who only care about their own commission. Price is always a factor, but it should not be the only factor. There are a number of points that need to be made first, so today we will take a look at what gets us to the price point.

“At Premier Windows, we want you to invest. We want you to invest your time and money in a product that you decide will be in your home, so we will educate you in every area of the process. Education is key to what we do!”

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What is your window going to cost? A number of things make up the cost of new windows: material, style, function, glass package, and UV protection.

Material: Here at Premier Windows, all our windows are made from top quality vinyl.

Style: Consider elements such as color and surface type. Do you want grids?

Function: What do you want your window to do for you? What purpose should it serve? If you have a two story home, perhaps you are tired of having to hire window cleaners to clean hard-to-reach windows. Are you dreading getting that ladder out every time you have to clean? If you choose, for example, double hung vinyl windows, you could clean the inside and outside of your windows from the comfort of your home.

Glass Package/UV Protection: Do you have west facing windows or a room that gets warmer than others? Are you concerned about furniture or fabric fading due to exposure to sunlight? We refer to this as “solar heat gain.” As the name suggests, we need to protect your home from harmful UV rays.

Comfort: Do you always feel drafts in your rooms due to leaking windows? New energy efficient windows will eliminate drafts and leaks. What about damage to existing wood frames? This is an issue that we come across a lot. Under no circumstances will we install a window on a rotten frame. We will always replace the frame before we install new windows. We will discuss all of this during our sales presentation. There are no surprises and no hidden costs when you deal with Premier Windows.

Warranty: Depending on the style of window, we have a lifetime warranty on all our vinyl. We have a 50-year warranty on our glass. We also include an extra glass breakage protection. I am personally on site for every install from the first minute to the last. Should any issue arise, I am on hand to handle it immediately.

There are many factors when deciding on installing new vinyl windows. However, the most important factor in all of this will be your decision on WHO installs your windows. Check with the Better Business Bureau and your neighbors. Make sure the company you choose has the proper insurance papers. Always get references and read testimonials. Premier Windows always carries all of these to our free in-home consultations.

Final Thoughts

American Made Products | Vinyl WindowsAll of our products at Premier Windows are American made-all of them! We firmly believe in supporting local industries and commerce. We believe in being a part of our community and giving back. We want to give our customers a superior product at a fair price, so we offer 100% satisfaction on all of our work. Our products come with a lifetime limited warranty, and our glass comes with a 25 year/ lifetime breakage warranty.

“At Premier Windows we put people first. By doing this, we will exceed our customers’ expectations every time.” -John Lambert, Premier Windows

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John J. Lambert is the owner of Premier Windows and has over 40 years of experience in the Home Improvement industry.


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