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So you want to invest in new vinyl windows? It seems simple. You’re thinking, “I’ll just replace what I have and move on.” Is it that easy? Do I have options or do I have to buy what the salesperson is selling?

At Premier Windows, we want you to invest. We want you to invest your time and money in a product that you decide will be in your home, so we will educate you in every area of the process. Education is key to what we do!

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Choose new vinyl windows that reflect your home’s architectural style. What style home do you have? What do you want the windows to say about your home?

Decide what purpose you want your vinyl windows to serve. Can my windows make my life easier? Do I need operable windows that allow me to clean my two story windows without using a ladder? Do I want picture perfect windows that look pretty and allow a lot of light into my home?

Colorful window frames: Today we have more choices than ever in everything we purchase. Windows are no different! Just because you have a black or brown window frame doesn’t mean you have to replace them with the same color.

It’s not all about the exterior. Choosing windows that appeal to your interior is every bit as important. At Premier, we can help you with that. We have a wide variety of colors, and we even have a two tone window (one color for the exterior and a different color for the interior).

Do you have a green thumb? Maybe a garden window will accent your home?

How much sunlight do I want the vinyl windows to allow into my home? How much ventilation do I need in my home?

All these little questions add up. We will discuss every one of these during our in-home, free consultation.

Taking a little time to research what is available is very important. At Premier Windows, we offer a free in-home consultation. A consultation is an exchange of ideas. Don’t get bogged down by what a salesperson wants to sell. They are looking out for themselves-We are looking out for you!

“Remember a peddler wants to prove who’s right. At Premier Windows, we want to prove what’s right!”

Final Thoughts

All of our products at Premier Windows are American made- all of them! We firmly believe in supporting local industries and commerce. We believe in being a part of our community and giving back. We want to give our customers a superior product at a fair price, so we offer 100% satisfaction on all of our work. Our products come with a lifetime limited warranty, and our glass comes with a 25 year/ lifetime breakage warranty.

“At Premier Windows we put people first. By doing this, we will exceed our customers’ expectations every time. “ -John Lambert, Premier Windows

Call John Today at 501-327-8800 to make your home or property the best that it can be.

John J. Lambert is the owner of Premier Windows and has over 40 years experience in the Home Improvement industry.

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